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Team Green Adventures

Who We Are

Team Green Adventures creates outdoor treks for the Middle Tennessee community and partners with existing organizations to enhance participation. Promoting a strong commitment to health, well-being, and the environment, Team Green Adventures is a leader in inspiring a closer community in Middle Tennessee.

What We Do

Team Green Adventures (originally named the Green Team) was created in 1996 by Lightning 100, Nashville's Independent Radio. We started as an environmental promotion to get Lightning 100 listeners to be more aware of environmental concerns. Though Team Green started slowly, the idea of incorporating adventure into our community service events made the program boom instantly. For over eleven years Team Green was a club for adventure seekers with the spirit of volunteerism. By 2008 the organization was too large to be a club and we transformed into the "Adventure Leader" for Middle Tennessee. We now serve as the organizer of unique outdoor activities for Nashville and beyond. Team Green Adventures is your source for new and creative ways to spend your free time, whether it's extreme adventure, a leisurely hike, volunteer opportunities, or social gatherings. Discovering new ways to appreciate our environment, and meeting other outdoor enthusiasts are among the benefits of taking that first step outdoors. Team Green can help you make that step! Our activities provide the opportunities to experience nature and fitness in educational and challenging ways. Our 250+ yearly excursions are open to any individual regardless of past experience, age, or ability level (unless otherwise stated in "difficulty policy"). By simply being outdoors and seeing the beauty of our natural surroundings, we hope to inspire you to become more environmentally conscious. But, when it all comes down to it, we are simply about THE ADVENTURE!


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