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Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue

Who We Are

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned, neglected and needy boxer dogs. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

What We Do

We take boxers from pounds, shelters and owners who must give them up, rehabilitate them physically when possible, socialize them, give them some basic training, and find permanent loving homes for them.

We walk our kennel dogs a minimum of four days a week (many of the dogs are in foster homes), and need volunteers to help walk the dogs. A volunteer has total flexibility in how often he/she comes. The only commitment is that volunteers show up on a day if they say they will. Walking usually takes about two hours, but many volunteers stay to play with the dogs. Many of the dogs have not had leash training when they get to us, so it would be helpful if a volunteer has had some experience with large, strong dogs - even better if the volunteer has some training experience!

We have periodic 'Meet and Greets' and Adoption Days, to let the public meet some of our dogs, and need volunteers to help us at booths. Experience not required.

We also participate, along with six other rescues, in the profits of Happy reTales, a retail pet supply store and groom shop in Brentwood. As a requirement of our participation, we must provide volunteer hours at the store, doing everything from checking in arriving merchandise to helping customers, as the store has only two paid employees and depends on volunteer help from the participating rescues. Ongoing commitment not required, but appreciated. Experience not required.



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