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17th Annual Family Literacy Day


Family Literacy Day is an event aimed at children from pre-K through Grade 6 and their families and is designed to celebrate the joys of reading. The primary focus of the event is Reading Circles, hosted by various campus groups.

Family Literacy Day is designed to serve as a celebration of the year's activities, giving the children and student participants of the ongoing programs a chance to have fun and reflect on their accomplishments. It also serves as a way of encouraging additional Belmont students, faculty and staff to get involved in the literacy effort in our community, and it provides a way for Belmont to give back in a small way to the community of which it is a part and from whom it receives so much.

*We encourage group participation (student orgs, dorms, athletics, friends, etc.), but individuals are welcome to sign up as well. Group members should sign up individually and indicate which group they are with under the application information.

-Volunteers may sign up for multiple shifts, as long as times do not overlap-








Set Up 10am-1pm (Full)

Reading Circles 1-4pm

Clean Up


Set Up 11am-1pm (Full)

Refreshments Shift 1 (Full)

Refreshments Shift 2 (Full)

Refreshments Shift 3 (Full)




Registration Shift 1 (Full)

Registration Shift 2(Full)

Registration Shift 3 (Full)

Registration Shift 4





Book Table Shift 1 (Full)

Book Table Shift 2 (Full)

Book Table Shift 3 (Full)





Voting Booth Shift 1 (Full)

Voting Booth Shift 2 (Full)

Voting Booth Shift 3 (Full)





Games Shift 1 (Full)

Games Shift 2

Games Shift 3





Crafts Shift 1 (Full)

Crafts Shift 2

Crafts Shift 3





Face Painting Shift 1 (Full)

Face Painting Shift 2 (Full)

Face Painting Shift 3



-This page is updated daily, but may not reflect current openings-