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Turnip Green Creative Reuse

Who We Are

TGCR has four areas of service: retail, education/outreach, artist support and a Green Art Gallery. Turnip Green offers low-cost materials to the community that haved been diverted from landfills, reducing the negative impacts on the environment. We strive to offer the community usable materials for art, home improvement and crafting to suit their needs, while making materials more accessible. We often do free giveaways for teachers to insure they have all the necessary materials in the classroom. 

We support artists in two ways: through our Artist Marketplace, a retail space for reuse artists & monthly art openings in our Green Gallery. 

We are very active in the community and you will often see us at fun events like: Fall Fest at the Hermitage, The Clean Air 5k, Pedestrian Paradise, Handmade & Bound and more! Come be a part of the community that is 535 4th Ave. South! 

Our Mission- "Fostering creativity and sustainability through reuse."

What We Do

Turnip Green Creative Reuse (TGCR) is a nonprofit designed to divert useable material from our landfill for creative endeavors through innovative programming including workshops, retail store and community education.


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